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  1. Trey Ark

    Rhubarb Wine, Yeast Problem

    Hey guys, Last night I created 4 one gallon brews. Pomegranate Wine, Strawberry Mead, Blackberry Mead, and Rhubarb Wine. I evenly split up the packet of yeast I had that states it could be used to pitch up to 6 gallons. I prepared the yeast in room temperature spring water and pitched the wine...
  2. Pappa_Bjorn

    [First timer] URGENT! Possible to resuscitate first (and failed) cider?

    On the 25th of september I pitched a split apple cider batch. Neither carboy started. Tragedy struck when I had to abandon my cider-babies due to work. Yesterday, oct 11th, 16 days later, I open one carboy that's been sitting under airlock at 20C/68F - no CO2 having replaced the air mind you -...