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  1. A

    Extract Single Hop IPA - Recipe question about hop utilization

    Hi all... I'm an extract brewer. I've recently upgraded from a 5 gallon kettle, brewing 3 gallons water and topping off, to a new 8.5 gallon kettle in which I plan to start with 5.7 gallons for a 5 gallon batch. I'm making a single hop Azacca American IPA recipe in Beersmith. When I changed...
  2. mr_stout

    Replacement For Flaked Corn

    Since flaked corn is not an steepable grain that I can use in an extract recipe. What can I use to replace it? And what would replace flaked barley?
  3. Toastman

    Cane and Ebel extract recipe help!

    So, actually I'm pretty new to extract brewing. I've been all-grain brewing for 6 years though. However, I've moved from Chicago now to Puebla, Mexico. So I haven't gotten all my equipment, not to mention, getting the ingredients. To get by I've been doing some extract and mini-mash recipes. One...