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  1. D

    Extract home brew infection??

    Hi, I’ve recently started trying to home brew again ( with no success previously). I added the hops after 7 days the other day and found the walls of the fermenter to have some “dirt” on them higher than the beer level. The beer was never this high in the fermenter, it’s only 18L in a 23L...
  2. I

    What should I brew next?

    Hey guys, I'm new to homebrewing. I have only brewed two extract beers and a couple of experimental wild sodas, ginger beers, and ciders. I'm interested in brewing some more proper beers (I only have the equipment to brew extract recipes for the time being), and I'd love some suggestions for...
  3. I

    Fermentation, conditioning, carbonating of extract beers

    Hey guys, I am new to homebrewing and self-taught (from the internet) and I have some questions. I just started an English porter from an extract recipe in primary fermentation a few days ago. Do extract beers behave differently from all grain beers as far as secondary fermentation/bottle...
  4. J

    No carbonation after 3 weeks

    This is my 5th batch. It is an extract recipe kit from More Beer (grapefruit IPA). Fermentation was weird. It bubbled lightly for four weeks, well past the time the recipe called for, and not like previous beers I have done. I added the prescribed corn sugar prior to bottling. It is now 3 weeks...
  5. pmiddy

    Calculating the correct amount of DME to add to the boil

    I'm about to brew my first Milk Stout (ready for the Aussie winter): Ingredient Kgs Light Dry Malt Extract 2.700 450g Lactose Powder 0.450 450g Simpsons Black Malt 0.450 350g Joe White Dark Crystal Malt 0.350 250g Pale Chocolate Malt 0.250 I'm doing a partial mash/steep and...
  6. G

    Hazelnut Extract in Brown Ale

    Hi guys, new and sorry for my bad english, my native language is french. So just a quick question for you guys im making a 5.5 gallon batch of a nutty brown ale from the homebrewassociation app, they ask to add 6 drops per bottle of 355ml of hazelnut extract, and i only have like 1oz ...do you...
  7. ErectedTadpole

    Zero Carbonation

    I brewed a DIPA using extract and bottled the brew as I normally would. Used my priming sugar in the bottling bucket, etc. After 2 weeks of conditioning there was no carbonation at all. I test one bottle at a time. So after another week, I put a bottle in the fridge, waited a few days, maybe a...
  8. BryggAnton

    Adding Dextrin during fermentation

    Hi folks! I'm 1 week in to the fermentation on my big extract stout. And now i wounder if i can add some dextrin directly in to my fermentation vessel, or is it too late? I'm planning on kegging it in 2-3weeks from now.
  9. BlackbirdBrewery

    Critique for Recipe

    Looking at designing a strong sweet stout for Christmas. I'm trying for a honey apple pie flavor. This is only my 3rd brew (extract), so I'll take any and all criticism. Link: Nick's Apple Pie - Extract Sweet Stout Homebrew Beer Recipe - Brewer's Friend Fermentable: 6.6 lb - Light LME 2.21 lb...
  10. B

    Centennial Hop Ideas

    Hey I am relatively new to brewing, I've made about 10 batches following extract recipes over the past several months and wanted to start trying new things. My brother in law works at a hop farm and managed to get me about half a kilo of centennial hops for free. I'd really like to use them and...
  11. O

    What Should I Brew?!

    I have 3 pounds of pale DME and 1 pound of wheat DME on hand. Is there a crushable summer beer I can make with just this as the base? I dont have any hops, yeast, or special grains so those can be anything. Just trying to use up some extra ingredients. Cheers!
  12. A

    Brew & A: Brian "Remmy" B.

    For today's Brew & A we're starting with an excursion. Don't worry, you're not actually going anywhere, this is a trip in our minds (I know you were probably concerned.). Breathe deep reflecting on your years of brewing. Breathe in.... breathe out. Go back. Further... No Further... All the way...
  13. S

    4 Tips for Making Great Beer in 15 Minutes

    Would you like to reduce the length of your brew day? Perhaps you would like to move onto something else you enjoy, or maybe there are higher priorities that occupy your time. My motivation for shortening the brew day was the birth of my daughter. Spending less time making beer means I can...
  14. J

    Stout Mistake

    Made a whiskey stout from a Brewer's Best extract kit. Followed the instructions to the letter, and our SG was 1.040 instead of the 1.065 the kit projected. My buddy and I have no idea why. Our fermenter was even under the 5 gallon mark by about 1/4 gallon, so we didn't overfill or anything. FG...
  15. Pug Bros Brewing

    Sam Adams Boston Lager clone? Here it is!

    Here is our video link on youtube for step by step directions: Here's the recipe and steps: PUG BROS BREWING EPISODE 1 – SAM ADAMS BOSTON LAGER CLONE Hello and welcome to Pug Bros Brewing Episode 1 In today’s video I’m going to go over how to make a Sam Adams Boston Lager clone using the...
  16. SKBugs

    New to brewing, very limited equipment.

    All i have is a 8 gallon(ish) kettle and an electric stove top. I have made a couple of extract batches with some steeping grains, which came out at around 4-5 gallons. The stove managed the boil very well and i think it could go up to most of the 8 gallons. The two beers i made have been...
  17. frankvw

    Steeping grains in wort vs. water: extraction efficiency vs. tannins

    After having had several bad results (strong tannin flavors and harsh bitterness) with steeping grains in our local tap water, I've tried to steep in wort instead. While I'm now not getting any tannin flavors and nasty bitter notes anymore, I'm also not getting a decent extraction efficiency...
  18. JstnMoyer

    Weird OG readings with topped-off extract wort

    Has anyone come across this weird OG issue with topped-off partial boil wort? Just brewed my second partial boil extract batch yesterday. I chilled my concentrated wort and added to glass carboy (2.5 gallons) and topped it off with water getting it to 5 gallons. I aerated more by...
  19. E

    Adding sugar to a recipe

    I have a bells two hearted recipe kit from northern brewing. I am changing up the hop schedule and adding more hops. Somebody recommended adding 1 lb of sugar to the recipe to dry the beer out. Any recommendations if I should add sugar or not to this recipe. ???? Steeping grains -...
  20. 6thGoal

    I Heart IPA (Two Hearted Clone) from More Beer

    While I should have paid closer attention and bought the extract kit from Bell's I failed and went with the local More Beer shop, I Heart IPA. It wasn't until I was brewing that I realized Bell's sold their own kit and took notice the ingredients were quite different. Brew day went fine, but I...