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  1. S

    IPA - No Carb and Sweet

    Hello! I’m hoping someone could help me out here. I recently brewed a Fresh Squeezed IPA clone and I recently tasted a bottle after two weeks in the primary bucket fermenter and two weeks bottle conditioning. When I opened the bottle, I first noticed there is very little carbonation. I poured...
  2. Stromboni

    Brewers Best NEIPA Modification (first time)

    I am just starting to brew my own beer so I got all of the supplies as well as a brewer’s best NEIPA extract kit so I can get started a little easier. I was looking at the hops involved, and I would like something a little fruiter so I bought 2oz of citra to use. Right now the recipe calls to...
  3. Penghu Brews

    Replacing some DME with table sugar to get a lower FG

    Hello everyone. I've done about 6 extract brews now (American IPAs) with Light DME. It's producing a lovely colour and flavour, but consistently finished at 1.020 or just below, with a starting gravity of 1.050. It tastes and smells great but I'd really like to be hitting the 5% abv with a...
  4. Penghu Brews

    Dissolving DME in cold water to scale up recipe

    Hello everyone. New brewer here (well, on my fifth batch of the summer and totally addicted!) This forum has been a huge help to me and so here I am with my first post. Please be gentle! I've so far been doing 1 gallon batches from extract (light DME) and experimenting with different recipes...
  5. 1

    First Brew in a very long time - Advice appreciated.

    Hi All, This forum looks like a great resource. I'm looking for some advice with my first brew in a really long time. Years ago I brewed several batches of home brew using extract kits. Whilst they were drinkable, they were really not good. Last week I purchased an extract kit: Mangrove Jack...