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  1. K

    Over-Priming Issue

    Did my first brew about 3 weeks ago, and finally bottled last night. Everything has been going great so far, but ran into an issue with priming. I used standard cane/table sugar and an online calculator to figure out home much. It told me to use 3.85 oz. I pre-boiled it and added it to the...
  2. lorne17

    Exploding Ginger Beer Bottles without Yeast!? How did this happen?

    Hello all, I had an incident today of exploding Ginger Beer bottles. I brewed some Ginger Beer, which I have about 10-12 batches of this recipe before. I had it in a keg and carbonated it via the keg. I do not put any yeast in my Ginger Beer since it's a side and not a brew. Anyways, I...
  3. mr_stout

    Mead bottles under pressure!

    After 3.5 months I bottled mead because it was at 1.000 F.G. I opened one flip top bottle and it foamed up like crazy. Why? after 3 1/2 months would it still be fermenting?
  4. Byrdbrewer

    Priming question

    I have a batch of Amarillo Pala Ale that I will be bottling this week end and for whatever reason ( I probably forgot to check it when I added my 1 gal of water to the bucket) the batch is about 1 – 1 ½ below the 5 gal mark on my bucket. I store my bottles in the corner of my living room with...
  5. Byrdbrewer

    Bottle bombs

    In regards to bottle bombs, Can anyone tell me if there is typical time in which you can be certain your bottles are no longer at risk of exploding? If they are going to explode, is there typically a time frame in which you can expect it to happen. I just bottled a big ben pale ale, and...