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  1. R

    Experimenting with CO2

    Hi, I am a new member here and fairly new to home brew. I am just about to rack my fermenter into bottles, this is the third kit I have done. Already I am tired of sanitizing 30 odd bottles and have been having issues with some of my bottles not sealing and resulting in flat beer, I have no...
  2. C

    wild kombucha starter?

    I was looking around to see if anyone has created a SCOBY from wild yeast and almost everyone said that it's nearly impossible. but why? why can you ferment tea like you can other things. so i went outside with a knife and some clean labeled bags and collected a few different things. i collected...
  3. RiccoStar

    Rye Braggot - how far can I go ?

    From what I've searched it's not widely explored doing mead/ braggot with rye grain, but this quarantine has convinced me it will be a great idea lol. On top of that I want to use Brettanomyces (I know I'm crazy). What I'm looking to get feedback on is how high % can I go with rye on a braggot...
  4. R

    Anyone ever brewed with Dragonfruit?

    We picked up a Dragonfruit today to just try it and the thing has a very mild, floral flavor. Anyone have any experience with this fruit in primary or secondary, particularly in cyser or mead?
  5. lukeziegler

    Hard Winter Wheat

    Hey folks, here's the deal. I am planning on brewing a honey wheat ale this next week and I am trying to figure out how to incorporate some un-malted Hard winter white wheat. Why you ask?? Well it comes from my in-law's farm and I'm trying to get some 'local ingredients' incorporated into this...
  6. H

    Lotus hops

    Hi all. Couldn't find any info about Lotus hops online from people that actually used them. I got myself a couple pounds of the stuff and made a session neipa with 62% lotus and the rest Mosaic. 5 gal batch in the keg, used a pound of hops total, all in the Whirlpool and dry hop. Grain bill of...
  7. HardyFool

    So I brewed a shot of beer

    Hello fellow beer-makers, Some of you may have seen this post I made back in July chronicling the brewing of a quart of beer. This did really happen, and the beer was perfectly adequate, but upon telling my brother of my triumphant micro exploits, he responded with a sigh, a roll of the eyes...
  8. Brewpastor

    What's your new style obsession?

    I am currently obsessed with brewing various German style lagers with various New Zealand hops. I love the clean malt profiles of these styles and the various ways they let subtle hop characteristics come through. I have more recipes designed than I can brew. What are you into these days?
  9. Albionwood

    Oats & Heather Saison

    Brewing this today. Comments welcome! Title: Leann Fraoch Brew Method: All Grain Style Name: Experimental Beer Boil Time: 15 min Batch Size: 20 liters (fermentor volume) Boil Size: 21 liters Boil Gravity: 1.051 Efficiency: 75% (brew house) FERMENTABLES: 2.25 kg - Golden Promise (38.5%) [had to...
  10. nagmay

    New hop varieties

    We may be entering a new renaissance when it comes to hop varieties! As many of you know, I have my own experimental breeding program going on - but, I'm also always interested to learn about any new hops entering the market. So, I thought I'd start up a thread to document new one as they...
  11. Titan88

    Steam Beer-style Fermentation in Flat Pans

    I was looking at experimenting with fermentation techniques, and I began wondering about fermenting in flat, open (kind of) containers. Anchor Brewing Co. successfully ferments their Anchor Steam beer this way. So, it got me wondering: Has anyone here tried fermenting beer in flat, stainless...
  12. Wil Prim

    Experiment for Secondary vs Only Primary

    Hey all, I am wanting to conduct a little experiment to see the differences between letting the beer sit in primary fermentation until bottling/kegging and racking to a second tank/vessel. I was going to attempt to do this with a 5 gallon batch but was wondering if I should do two separate 5...
  13. L

    What might my ABV be and other first-timer questions

    Hello, I have just started my first must going and have been reading all sorts of helpful information, but have a few questions about this adventure. I started my must on Sunday, 04/08/18, and it has been bubbling up nicely. Had to clean up and re-sanitize my airlock after a couple foam-overs...
  14. S

    Swedish Berry Wine

    Hey Everyone..... - I melted down some Swedish Berry candies into red syrup. - Boiled it in a gallon of water. - Added sugar and acid blend - Added a cup of green tea And so far, it seems to be fermenting! Check out my photos!
  15. Vintage NY

    Newbie Experiment

    all, just tasted my fist batch of amber ale.... tasted great for a first go, but I am super pumped to start experimenting. I figure the only way to truly learn is to take some wacky steps. So, I plan on purchasing a 2 gallon Hefeweizen extract, and I want to know if any of the following...
  16. P

    Gluten Free Experimental (Pale?) Ale

    approx 1lb Quinoa (roasted in oven at 350 for 30min) approx 1lb Millet (roasted in oven at 350 for 30min) 7lb Brewcraft Sorghum Syrup 60min - 2oz Cascade 45min - approx 1oz Cascade 20min - 1oz licorice root 15min - approx 1oz Cascade 5min - approx 1oz Willamette End of Boil approx 1oz Willamette...
  17. E

    recipe scaling and experimental recipes

    hi, i am relatively new to brewing but love it. I have only brewed one recipe made by someone else (my first batch, a bland scottish ale), and am bubbling with ideas for new unorthodox beers (inclusion of things like tea, spices, even some veggies). i am planning on brewing a green tea ipa...