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  1. Fermentis

    Ready for your next Homebrew Competition? 🍻🏆

    Hello everyone! If you're an homebrewer, you have probably participated once to a homebrew competition or you're currently thinking to do it, it's a good way for our community to collect feedbacks about our last brews and to have an impartial judgement. But do you really know how your beers are...
  2. 2row

    Michigan Homebrew Open-House at Cadillac Straits Brewing - 3rd Monday of each month

    Just sharing: Facebook event link Calling all homebrewers! Join us on the third Monday of every month for a homebrew meetup! Come exchange beers, ideas, and network with other brewers. All clubs welcome, as well as brewers without a club of their own. For now, no formal meeting or presentation...
  3. A

    Wild Friendship Celebration - What You Missed

    On May 9th, 2015, beer enthusiasts from around the world joined together in Portland, Maine for one of the most highly anticipated beer events in recent memory. Appropriately named The Wild Friendship Celebration, this event marked the culmination of nearly five years of collaborative efforts...