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  1. BandonBrewingCo

    Any EU/UK Brew/Temp Controller Out There?

    Google says no, all the forums says no, computer says no (cough). Does anyone know of anything anywhere in the EU that can do 240V, 15A & 3500W? Just throwing it out there on the off change I have missed something! I tried building my own with the CraftBeerPi but I'm not an electrician and...
  2. SethTheGreat

    Innis & Gunn (Scottish) Lager Clone

    If you've never tried this Scottish Lager, you're missing out. I was told that I pretty much nailed it on my first attempt by a friend who is currently going to school in Cardiff and brought a few bottles of the real stuff back with him last summer. It may not be exact, but it hits all the same...
  3. Sneakyy

    Sources for Homebrewing Kits/Equipment in Europe?

    Dear beer-lovers, Today I opened a thread in the 'equipment/sanitation' section but soon we realized it would be a bitter fit to post a thread on this forum. So, let me first copy-paste some details from my previous post: "Recently I have been fascinated and inspired by this whole homebrewing...
  4. DMCarson

    Wierd Guinness Faucet/Shank Issue

    I found and purchased this guinness faucet/tap thinking from the picture I could probly fit a beer nut on the luck...I am going to check out threading of some bolts at the hardware store to see if any of them match...does anyone have a clue as to how I can use this. It is seamingly the...