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  1. L

    A mother’s worry about alcohol in baked goods?

    Hello all. My apologies in advance as I come to you with no knowledge about anything brew related. I found this forum online and thought you bunch would be a good resource to ask my question (which I am sure some of you may think is crazy and will laugh at me!). So, here we go (any scientists on...
  2. gatewood

    Vinegar with just sugar

    Can mother of vinegar ferment sugar directly to acetic acid? If not, is it practical to mix yeast and mother to create a continuous process where sugar is turned into ethanol and then into acetic acid?
  3. gatewood

    Separating ethanol from methanol

    I just distilled a bit of my homebrew for experimentation and I was wondering of someone here has had experience and has been successful at separating ethanol from methanol. How can I do it? Just by fractional distillation?