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  1. C

    One mash, two beers - Steeping

    Hi. My question is: If I do a 10gal mash of say an English Bitter consisting of MO+C60+Amber. Would it be ok to split that mash in two and add some steeped grains in just one of the worts? Lets say I add some Chocolate + C120 to one batch making it into something like a Porter. That way with...
  2. M

    Which Substitute for Victory Malt - Vote

    I'm brewing an ESB tomorrow and was hoping to use victory malt, but I can't get any. I can't get biscuit malt either. What I can get are amber, special roast, melanoidin, aromatic, caravienne, and crystal 30. Which of these would you use in a pinch? Thanks!!!
  3. D

    Lalbrew London ESB Yeast - Aggressive

    So put my first batch of Best Bitter down last week and had to go out of town for a few days. When I got back the fermenter had blown off the bung and even lifted the lid of the plastic bucket fermenter a bit. I cleaned it up and replaced the bung and took a gravity reading. The OG was 1.044...
  4. HOoT_oWL

    Should I make another Starter and pitch again? Did I mess up? 1068 ESB

    Hi all, I Brewed an ESB yesterday with 1968. The day before I made a 2L starter from a pack of 1968 ESB yeast. When the wort was fully chilled(64 F) I went ahead and pitched the yeast into the 11 gallons of wort (1.060). I stirred gently and commenced siphoning the wort into 2 fermentors...
  5. S

    My First Post, how's my recipe?

    I have just made my first batch of all grain in 5 years, i based my batch off of a sierra nevada clone recipe but i changed it by accident when doubling some ammounts. here is what i did 25 lbs of 2 row and 3.25 lbs crystal 60 mashed at 160 for an hour (not the intended temperature of...