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  1. seanberger

    Houston, I might have a problem?

    Hello All, I started my first batch of kombucha on the 23rd, and I am thinking something went haywire. I submerged all of my equipment into boiling water, along with using said boiling water as the main component of water for my batch (after it cooled down of course!). Used my starter tea...
  2. MaxTheSpy

    Faulty Readings?

    I've been using Tilt to log my SG and temperature for the last 6 days of my brew and Its been working amazingly well except for a few spots with notes over them Blue is Sg and Red is Temp. There are two blue peaks that I have no idea what happened with. Do any of you have any ideas of what is...
  3. Scientific hippie

    Did I measure the honey correctly?

    Hi all, After figuring out our preferred honey mixture (2/3 random dark honey, 1/3 buckwheat honey) I resolved to make three gallons. Whenever I up a recipe, I worry that I'm going to forget to multiply one of the ingredients properly. This is Bray's 3-day mead I'm talking about. When I...