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  1. K

    Brewzilla Gen4 35L 110V Equipment profile for Brewfather

    Howdy y'all, Just now getting back into brewing after buying a house and doing a bunch of repairs and generally not having the time or space to brew. I got a Brewzilla Gen4 to treat myself, but before going into it whole hog, I'd like to check and see what others had to change in the default...
  2. micraftbeer

    Need BeerSmith Equipment Profile for 20 Gal InfuSSion Mash Tun

    I recently got a 20 gallon Brewtech InfuSSion mash tun. It's bigger than I needed (so I think now...), but the 10 gallon wasn't big enough for my occasional big batch experiments where I split wort off into fermentors to test different fermentation parameters. Anyway, I was brewing a 5 gallon...