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  1. RunawayOctober

    Noob Help, please!

    My husband and I are attempting our second batch of Hard Cider and something is wrong. Apparently we didn't learn from the first one we tried. Recipe: 2 1/3c local clover honey Apple Juice (no preservatives) to top up a gallon. 1/4tsp Vinter's Harvest CY17 yeast All in a glass jug...
  2. HemlockHomebrewer

    Need help: Ginger beer won't ferment

    I'm trying to brew a ginger beer. Here's the basic recipe I made up: -3# x-light malt extract (dried) -3# corn sugar -1# CaraHell barley malt (toasted and crushed) -2oz whole-leaf Cascade hops (1.5oz to brew, 0.5oz to finish) -2oz fresh grated ginger (added last 10 minutes of...