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  1. M

    California Complete 2" Tri-Clamp Stainless 4500w Ripple Element

    I have two complete 4500w 2" tri-clamp stainless heating elements for sale. Used for two batches. Elements were assembled with: Stilldragon tri-clamp element housing Hubbell L6-30P plugs ebrewsupply stainless 4500w ripple element 10/3 SJEOOW cable Fray resistant cable sheathing One complete...
  2. F

    2 element/SSR from one PID

    Hi there. Can someone comfirm that this is the correct method to do this. I hope that this will work because i only got 16A i my house. So derfor 2 x 3200W element and not 5500W :P Frank
  3. hunter306

    Michigan 1600w Electric Element - Plug and Play

    Stainless Heating Element 11.5" long, 0.75" diameter - KegKing Branded Latest generation element. 1600w, 120v. Plugs in with a standard PC Style power cord (which was not included). Weldless, so all you need to do is cut a hole in your pot. It includes the gasket AND the nut. I didn't use...
  4. P

    PID With Outlet And Switch Help

    Hi Everyone, Please see below for my wiring diagram on my PID. This is all in a boxed enclosure meant to control my 1500W element and pump on separate switches. Everything is wired for 110V. Red is representing neutral. This was working fine for about 15 mins. I could use both switches and...