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  1. P

    Any way to connect the SS BrewTech eController 1V without using a dedicated 240V outlet circuit?

    Hi Everybody, This is my first post and I really hope it is not too long of a post. I finally made the move from gas to electric brewing about a month ago and decided to purchase the SS Brewtech eController 1V and their eKetlle. When the package finally arrived, I was surprised to find out that...
  2. S

    Texas Grainfather US Brewing System with Connect and extras $700

    I have a lightly used Grainfather system for sale. It has all the original parts, insulated graincoat, hop spider, and storage bag. I went to a 240 v system so no longer need it. North Houston area. SOLD!
  3. M

    Main Panel vs Spa Panel Brand/Compatibility

    I was hoping for this to be a relatively straightforward question, but I haven't found an easy answer after many combinations of online searches. Any help would be appreciated! I have an extra 240V outlet in my garage which will power my electric brewing system at 30A. The home's main...
  4. Althozgraz

    So I have decided to build my own electric brewhouse. Advice needed

    Hello fellow Brewers. I have decided to build my own electric brewhouse. I am already well versed in all grain brewing and have alot of batches under my belt. Currently brewing on the grain father and I'm very happy with it but I'm on my second unit and I know eventually the element is going to...
  5. T

    Pennsylvania New Grainfather Connect w/ graincoat, micro pipes, hop spider, whirlpool attachment

    Asking $975, local pickup only in PA, 18011. This is a brand new Grainfather Connect that I took out of the box, but just sat aside and never used.... Had a kid, need I say more? All the accessories are brand new as well (no boxes though). Nothing has even been cleaned. Items included...