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  1. BryanEBIAB

    CO2 Pressure Won’t Stop Increasing

    Hey folks, Been kegging with the same system for years and something weird just started happening. When I swap CO2 tanks, I always do the following: 1. Turn all valves off and turn pressure as low as possible. 2. Replace tank 3. Open valve in tank At this point, the new odd behavior begins...
  2. F

    Kegerator thermostat bypass

    I know this has been asked and answered a million times but I can't find anything that pertains to my specific kegerator. I have an EdgeStar BR2001 that I'm using for a ferm chamber and I want to bypass the internal thermostat so I can use my Inkbird controller. I know the white wire is the...
  3. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft Mini-Kegs

    About three years ago the brewing bug had bitten pretty hard, according to SWMBO beer was all I ever seemed to talk about. I'll admit that hasn't really changed over the years, but I was surprised to get an EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator as a gift that year. After all I had just bought a new...
  4. Tyler Cannon

    Has anyone modified the Edgestar BR2001 (KC2000) to fit a third corny?

    Just received my new fridge last night and building a triple tap tower - I thought I could fit two 2.5 gallon torpedoes but am missing about a 1/4" of clearance unfortuantely. Alternatively There is a large space in the front for a 3rd keg - when the door is closed it's only left about an inch...