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  1. Harleybrew32

    Belgian Dubbel flavors??

    so i brewed my first Belgian Dubbel for my Christmas beer. just bottled it and took a sample from my keg. I dont recall having a commercial Dubbel before, but have had other Belgian beers. curious if i got close, its pretty dry and aroma of clove and malty notes. Flavors are clove, spices with a...
  2. P

    Brun Leger or Brun Fonce in Belgian Dubbel

    Working on a new Belgian Dubbel recipe. Always used the rock candi in previous dubbels. Anyone had experience with Brun Leger or Brun Fonce in a Belgian Dubbel?
  3. B

    Thoughts on Low-Gravity Dubbel/Belgian Brown

    I've always loved abbey ales but can't really handle 8 pct brews these days, so I tend to knock the gravity down a bit to keep my sobriety up. So I've basically taken a recipe that would probably end up in the 8 percent range at least and diluted it down, without changing many of the...