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  1. Dem Castles

    Dry hop selection

    Looking to dry hop for the first time, I'm looking for something to blend well with the whirlpool hops (see recipe at the bottom) I'm thinking maybe 1-3 oz of either; El Dorado CTZ Waimea Pacific Jade Rakau Azacca Below is the recipe for an IPA, Malts (15 lb 15 oz) 9 lb — Simpsons Pale...
  2. S

    Forgot to add whirl floc

    We made a stupid mistake on our last brew: forgot to add whirl floc near the end of the boil. The plan is for two dry hops: one in the fermenter; the other when we transfer the beer to kegs. But to make matters worse, the yeast is "medium to low" flocculation. Other forum members say that the...
  3. T

    Dry Hopping Cylinder Busted into Keg

    I am trying to see what's the best way to get my beer out the tank. Briefly, I keg and when I dry hop i use a stainless still mesh cylinder to put my dryhops. Did this for a long time and all works great however I think in this particular keg the cap came out and the dry hope blocks the in...
  4. Aróchito

    Dry Hopping with Yerba Maté, Anyone?

    Hi, I was researching which hops are the best to dryhop my cider with (which I'm still trying to figure out), but then I had the idea of dry "hopping" the batch with Yerba Mate tea, either along with or instead of the hops. It's got a ton of caffeine so it has the potential to pack quite a nice...
  5. beervoid

    Cheaper hops on the hotside for NEIPA, IPA

    Hello forum, I'm wondering if any people here have experimented with using less expensive hops on the hotside of the brewing process... Chinook, columbus, centennial, cascade etc.. while keeping the expensive pungent hops like Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy etc exclusively for dry hopping. I know...
  6. J

    Kit or go for it?

    I am new to brewing and I am interested in brewing a hoppy IPA. I have two brews under my belt that turned out well. I really want to experiment with dry hopping. I am not sure if I should just buy a normal kit and make modifications like using citra hops/buy more hops for dry hopping? Or...
  7. B

    Anyone ever dry hop an Oktoberfest?

    I just made an Oktoberfest lager recipe using LME/DME. 1 oz Vanguard for 40 mins, 1 oz Hallertau for 20 mins. I have 1 more ounce of Vanguard (5% AAU) and I'm not going to make another batch for months, why not throw it in when i switch to 2nd stage in 2 weeks? Any advice on that? Am I mad?