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  1. AlcheMania

    Pitching 2 strains in a Belgian Golden

    Looking to get majority of the flavor characteristics from lalbrew Abbaye, some of the character of Belle Saison, and the super dry FG of Belle Saison in a very simple (Pils+Sugar+Saaz) Belgian Golden Ale. Thinking of just staggering the Pitch by 24 hrs so the Abbaye gets a head start on...
  2. Northern_Brewer

    Fermentis BR-8 - first dried Brett

    Fermentis are very proud of their new baby, BR-8, so much so they even did a fancy Guinness-style video which tells you absolutely nothing about the product but tells you how to feel about the "brewer’s journey, through his thoughts and doubts. It’s about his path towards his most creative self...
  3. L

    Correctly Rehydrating Dry Yeast

    Advantages of Using Dry Yeast Dry yeast has a lot of advantages over liquid yeast. It is cheap and readily available. If stored cool and dry, after 2 years the cells still have a viability over 90%. The form factor is small and one packet contains around 230 Billion cells. That is more than...
  4. K

    Pitch It, Don't Toss It! Using Yeast That's Past It's Prime

    It happens, maybe you found a pack of yeast in the back of your fridge from last summer you forgot about, or you took a break for a while and still had yeast on hand before you stopped brewing, maybe you got your ingredients from a homebrew shop that doesn't check dates. However it happened you...
  5. frankvw

    Dry yeast production labs?

    There is a number of dried yeast brands on the market. The biggest ones are of course Fermentis and Lallemand/Danstar. Then there are the smaller ones: Mangrove Jack's, Brewferm, Coopers, Muntons, Mauribrew and probably a few more. Now those "small guys" don't produce their own dry yeast but...
  6. A

    Brewline brand yeasts

    I've got three 100g sample bricks of their ale yeasts at the exhibition and I wonder if anyone have ever used them. I couldn't find any other source of info about them besides their website.
  7. Gregory T

    Can we address the dry yeast yeast starter concept again?

    Safbrew be-256 yeast is $6 pack and should contain approximately 110 billion cells. Brewing a 1.065 Belgian Blonde at a 1.0 pitch rate calls for 330 billion cells. That is 2 additional packs or $12. a 2 liter starter is 210 grams of dme. which is $2.99 at Morebeer. It is not just as cheap to buy...
  8. C

    First Time Brewing from Scratch, think I got everything down except super confused about yeast

    Hello everyone, first time (extract) brewer here so be gentle please haha. I have spent the past month getting every little bit of science down for a high gravity blueberry ale (5 gallon batch) I've wanted to make, I am ready to brew on wednesday but I'm still honestly having trouble...
  9. Cameron Engelbrecht

    Storing Dry Yeast

    Hello! I am very new to home brewing. I recently bought dry yeast from northern brewer that is designed to be pitched in a five gallon batch. However, I am only brewing 1 gallon batches at the moment. Is there a way I can store the unused yeast after I open the package without contaminating it...
  10. piojo

    When vacuum sealing yeast, will the yeast get sucked into the pump?

    I bought a 500 g brick of US-05 from a brewer acquaintance, and want to split it up into 10-20 smaller vacuum sealed bags so I only open each bag a few times and introduce less moisture and contamination. Plus, smaller bags can quickly come up to room temperature before I open them, preventing...
  11. B


    Hello, I recently brewed a wit and am concerned that it has not fermented properly. A number of factors, or a combination of factors, may be the culprit. However, there is considrable debate that the batch may actually be ok. please help shed some light on the situation! the jury is still...
  12. TheCrowsNest

    Liquid Yeast v. Dry Yeast

    I was originally told to cough up the extra dough for liquid yeast but my LHBS recently explained that Wyeast only has ~100 billion cells when you really need between 200-250 billion. Is this an accurate statement? For the purposes of a home-brewer, what is better? What about for commercial...