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  1. T

    First time recipe!

    Hi brewmasters! This is my first post and I am also very new to the craft of brewing. I have done two brewing kits (chinook IPA / Hazy) but now wanted to go wild and try to make my own recipe for a Belgian Wheat Ale. Trying to make 5gal recipe - was going to us 6lbs of Pilsner DME (using Palmer...
  2. HemanBrew

    Dry Malt Extract - > hot water ?

    Hi. I'm making wort by steeping some Malt and using dry Malt extract. After steeping, can I just add boiled hot water and add the dry Malt Extract. Or is there a reason I need to add cold water before extract and then turn the heat up? Let me ask this way: Does dry Malt Extract have to be...
  3. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    15 Minute Kitchen Sink Hoppy Wheat Brew Day and Recipe

    Having run out of home brew, and the triticale IPA not being ready yet, I decided to brew a small batch. I used what DME I had in the closet and a lot of Centennial hops to see what I could brew. In all the brew day was sonly 2 hours not including the 20 minutes I spent cleaning up the kettle...