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  1. WildernessBrewing

    Yet Another Dry Hop Question

    Looking for advice on a dry hop schedule for a pale ale that just finished with primary fermentation. It's a Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo pale at about 30 IBUs. SG of 1.052 and finished at 1.009 with WLP051. I'll be kegging and serving it at an event on the 15th of September, so I have a little...
  2. balto charlie

    harvesting yeast after dry hopping

    Hey all, I dry hopped into the primary for the first time to try a new method. I am ready to keg now but realized there are a lot of hops sitting on top of the yeast cake. I was hoping to use the yeast again. I read about yeast washing, actually tried it years ago but was not pleased with the...