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  1. DMA

    Whirlpool port...

    How close to the top of a kettle can a 3/4" hole be made (with knockout punch) without compromising the integrity of the kettle? This is a 1bbl kettle with nearly a 1/4" rolled top edge. Thanks.
  2. R

    Switching to external CO2 and Mounting Secondary Regulator on Summit SBC-500B Kegerator

    Hi, all. I know that this topic has been covered numerous times in general and that a lot of people have purchased these now-discontinued kegerators over the years, but I can't find anyone that has done this modification specifically with the Summit SBC-500B Kegerator. I bought this used this...
  3. B

    Problem Drilling Stainless

    I am trying to drill multiple holes in my stainless kettle for some tri clamp fittings. I have tried using both a 1/8" HSS twist bit and the pilot bit on a hole saw, however I am making no headway on getting a pilot hole drilled. The material is only 1.2mm thick, I am using WD-40 as oil, I am...