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  1. K

    Drilling TDD-1 for 2nd and 3rd Tower.....any coils up there?

    TDD-1 owners, Anyone know if there are any coils (or anything else not to drill through) in the top part of a TDD-1? I just bought two chrome gooseneck single draft towers which I want to install on either side of my double tower to max out the TDD-1 with 4x cornys. Thanks, Kevin
  2. webby45wr

    Insignia 9.9

    Hi everyone, I'm leaning towards picking up an Insignia 9.9cu ft fridge to convert for a kegerator. I am pretty sure I'll be able to gete 4 kegs in there. I'd like to keep the CO2 on the outside. Does anyone have experience drilling through the side of this one? I can't find a schematic of the...
  3. T

    So I realized I've been brushing my keggle's paint off with brass that contains iron.

    Did a magnet test, because I was curious, and the brass bristles are attracted to the magnet. Now I'm afraid I've doomed myself to RUST! :mad: I thought I was a smarty-pants when I started using my 4" brass brush attachment for a drill, but looks like this is some cheap brass. Is there...