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  1. EricS

    For Sale 8 Tap Keezer For Sale - Wisconsin

    I am selling my 8 Tap Keezer. It needs some TLC to bring it back to its former glory, I don't have the time or desire anymore as I have downsized to a 3 tap system. I built this awhile back when I found a local bar selling the professional grade 8-tap tower. It has been sitting unused for some...
  2. rasik33

    Custom Jockey Box build

    Hey Everyone! Started a project around building a jockey box which I can use for sharing my homebrew at larger events. I wanted to do something different and unique and not just a standard cooler. It took a little bit but I found this antique Hamilton Skotch Skylander cooler from the 1950’s...
  3. B

    Taking Draft Homebrew on the Road: Your Options Compared

    Some people bottle, some keg, and some do both. Sometimes there are styles that steer you towards one medium or the other. But sometimes you keg because you just can’t stand the bottling process. That’s all fine and good, and you feel quite content in your decision to avoid bottle cleaning and...