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  1. vertexbrew

    Appeared to Ferment for 4 days but has no Yeast Cake

    Looked but couldn't find exact situation that I need help with. I tried a Young's Double Chocolate Stout Clone AG recipe I found in BYO magazine. Followed the recipe (but doubled it to be a 10g) pretty much minus a few extra sugars my HBS said I didn't have to have and it started...
  2. J

    Double IPA attempt... Feedback

    Ok for the past few days I've been obsessed with coming up with my own extract Double IPA recipe. Since this would be my first non kit beer, I was wondering if I could get some feedback. Boil 5.5gal 1lb Crystal Grain Malt 20L 3lbs Light-DME ( 6lbs Light-LME ( 1oz...
  3. J

    Double IPA Critique

    Ok I've put together this Double IPA recipe hoping to get some feedback:mug: (Extract) 6lb. Amber Malt Extract LME 2lb. Extra Light DME 7oz. Crystal Light Grain Malt 20 L 2oz. Target Pellet Hops (Bittering) 2oz. Bramling Pellet Hops (Dry Hopping) 2oz. Challenger Pellet Hops (Flavor/Aroma)...
  4. J

    double ipa recipe?

    I just brewed a double IPA true brew kit about a week ago and i must say that it is by far my favorite from the true brew kit selections. i've brewed it about 6 times already because its so good. i want to start experimenting though with creating my own double ipa recipe. this year i will be...