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  1. J

    Best DIPA Recipe, and favorite hop additions

    Just looking for a really good hazy Ipa recipe, I’m not quite as experience with malts yet to put together a good grain bill. I’m looking for something resembling “Dead Wax” by foam brewers in VT. Overall though I’m just looking for a really good super hazy IPA though, so anything helps.
  2. P

    Obsessed with Alaskan Hopothermia

    Can't get this beer out of my mind, live in Texas and cannot find it. Any help on a grain recipe or extract kit that that will come close? I would love to put to on tap!
  3. R

    First Beer: Double IPA with Fresh Hops, please advise!

    Hi All, I'm in Yorkshire, England, and I've found a fresh hop growing wild. Unknown variety (ID assistance would be helpful! I'll go get a photo). I hear that to convert a dried hop recipy to 'wet' or fresh, it's got to be 6 times the amount (due to extra moisture content). I have the facility...
  4. BrewinVT

    NEW BYO IPA Style Guide is now available!

    Brew Your Own's latest special newsstand-only issue has just arrived from the printer and is packed with 101 recipes, tips, and techniques to help you make great IPA at home. We’ve split our just-released IPA Style Guide into four style sections for exploring this diverse beer style...
  5. EnVinoVeritas

    Yeast Suggestion - Double IPA

    Here is the recipe I wanted to model after..."Damn Devil Double IPA" Damn Devil Double IPA --------------------- Brewer: DT Style: Imperial IPA Batch: 5.00 gal Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.128 OG Recipe Bitterness: 152 IBU Recipe Color: 14° SRM Estimated FG: 1.032 Alcohol...