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  1. J

    Between Brews – DIY Keggle Mash Tun / Lauter Tun Build

    Pleased with the HLT/heat exchanger project shown in a previous article, my friend Rick asked me to help him with his MLT build. We used the same techniques and many of the same components for this phase of his three vessel brewing system. This was the simplest kettle of the project, requiring...
  2. J

    Building a 5 Gallon Mash Tun

    Do you have an Igloo brand cooler that was only used a couple of times? Are you a homebrewer? Do you like to make great beer? Want to make your own mash tun inexpensively? Look no further and read on! A mash tun is a container that can hold temperature and extract all the fermentable sugars from...