diy floating diptube

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  1. beervoid

    Cleaning a DIY floating diptube (silicone hoses)

    After a bad experience with my floating diptube (see previous topic) I thought this subject might be worthy of its own thread. How do people here clean the inner tubing from these float tubes? Or silicone tubes on that note. They are a pain in the @&& to remove from the diptube. I used to keep...
  2. beervoid

    Help, DIY Float tube has no beer coming out.

    So I've been using my DIY float tubes since months without problems. I've got 2 kegs that I use as fermenters with DIY floating diptubes on them so I can dry hop loose. I dry hopped 4 days ago and started cold crashing today at 0c. Both kegs are connected simultaneously to gas at about 10psi...