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    Show us your DIY AC Glycol Chiller enclosure

    I'm considering building a AC glycol chiller using project plans here on the forum but I'm having a hard time finding ideas on how to make it look nice. I would like to keep my basement brewery looking nice and after explaining and showing the wife what I was planning on doing, her response...
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    A/C Unit Glycol Chiller Tripping GFCI

    Hello, I built a glycol chiller from an old 5000 BTU window A/C unit a few months ago. It works great, except that every 2 or 3 chilling cycles (on average) it trips the GFCI outlet I have it plugged into. I've tried different circuits and removed every other load from the circuit and it still...
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    DIY Coil Chiller - In the Wort or In the Cooler?

    Which way would work better? Just thinking that much like a radiator it would be a lot quicker to circulate the wort through the wort through a chiller immersed in an ice bath rather than the other way around. Sort of like a counter chiller but for poor people ;)