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    Mastering British Porters

    The original London Porter was a smoked beer which utilized exclusively British Brown malt, smoked over Hornbeam. There was until fairly recently a general consensus that it was in its original form a mixture of a ‘mild’ beer (actually a ‘fresh’ or ‘green’ beer) and a ‘stale’ (or mature beer...
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    Brewing Entrepreneurs – Kee Doery

    When I first came across a Keg King product, it was a wort pump selling for 25-50% less than the mainstay pumps of the homebrewing world. I figured maybe it was just a one-off no-name product, but I gave it a try. The pump itself was great, and was a solid performer. When inquiring about their...
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    Can Your Beer Shelf Hold Up?

    Yeah, I know… Sound storage considerations for your bottles isn’t the most exciting topic. You probably would be much happier if I offered up the world’s finest red ale recipe and left it at that. Sorry… Truth be told, this is an extremely important matter, and it might behoove you to at least...
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    One Perspective on This Beautiful Addiction/Hobby

    The enlightened among us understand the addictive and magical nuances present in our favorite passion: orchestrating processes to create utopian elixir—also known as homebrewing. Homebrewing was effectively legalized on a federal basis on July 1, 1979. President Carter had signed H.R. Bill 1337...