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  1. M

    Question about a design for a direct fire RIMS design

    I've been bouncing this idea around for awhile about designing a direct fire RIMS system. My idea basically can be broken down into several different pieces. The "heating element" would consist of a burner rod for flames natural gas or propane or two rods of burner nozels. This would then run...
  2. Gregory T

    Direct fire, decoction, and boil additions

    Things that make me go hmmm. My last BIAB was a 4 step mash Saison, I raised temp by adding boiling water through a calculator. Clearly direct firing a mash tun will have the potential to scorch sugars. Wouldn’t boiling water or especially decoction basically shut down conversion for whatever...
  3. Thehopman

    Recirculating mash - direct fire under my kettle?

    Hi there, Sorry if that's a dumb question, but I'm thinking of upgrading my system soon, and I'd like to go for a recirculation pump on my mash tun. I like direct heat, so far I got good results just using a regular boil kettle to mash, then would transfer into my next vessel through a bag for...