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  1. DrGarbonzo

    Pliny clone- missed OG by .020; suggestions?

    Hey all, I brewed Northern Brewer’s Pliny the Elder extract clone yesterday and am wondering if i misunderstood the instructions. They recommend making a 6 gal wort to account for krausen and hop absorption loss, but my OG ended up being 1.050 instead of the target 1.070! The ratio of water to...
  2. Eric Carbobiach

    Post Boil Wort Dilution

    Hello there! Annually, some friends and me go to ranch and have party for a weekend, so I brew! But, this year, the meet will be closer and I need to brew a lot of beer in a month. So I thought to dilute a high gravity wort at fermentor. I found tips about IBU, color, gravity, but I don't find...
  3. wort_up

    Effect of Diluting on OG

    I only have a 5 gallon stockpot and wish to make a 5 gallon batch. How much will it affect my OG by boiling with 4 1/2, then diluting with a couple gallons after the boil? What if I boiled a couple gallons on the side, adding proportional amounts of hops to both? Thanks!