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diacetyl rest

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  1. Nate R

    Thoughts on Diacetyl Rest time, temp for Imperial A09 "Pub" yeast

    Hello All. Was hoping to pick some of your brains on this yeast. It is my first time using it and I have read it certainly requires a proper Diacetyl Rest. Ale A09 Pub Yeast pitched 11/30 (Sat) 10:30pm Temp: 65f OG: 1.064 Current Gravity: 1.017 12/4 (Wed) 11:30am. So it has been fermenting...
  2. V

    Acceptable Amount of Alcohol Taste

    Recently did a DIPA which is young, only about 2 weeks old that came out to 8.5%. For my NEIPA style beers I usually keg pretty early about 10 days (gravity reading stable for 3 days in a row) then dry hop in the keg for a 1 1/2 weeks before serving and they usually are gone within 1-2 weeks...
  3. DrGarbonzo

    lager: diacetyl rest after freezing

    Hey, I’m two weeks into fermentation and set my temp to start increasing from 45 to get into diacetyl rest temps but the next day it was down to 33! I think i messed up the controller settings. anyhow, should i go back up to 65 for the rest? or just stay at 33 for lagering and see what...
  4. snarf7

    Lager - diacetyl rest in keg or not?

    I haven't done a ton of lagers so I'm still learning the ropes and playing around with things. For this pilsner I fermented at a steady 55F and it wound up hitting FG before I anticipated (huge yeast cake at the bottom so it looks like it just ripped thru it). Usually it's recommened you do the...
  5. Iowa Brewer

    Dealing with Diacetyl, Question

    Hi all, After bringing the temp of my bock up to 66F for 48hrs, I did a diacetyl test I found online and discovered the heated-and-then-chilled sample tasted of butterscotch, hinting at the presence of acetolactate, which would later turn into diacetyl. I'm leaving it now at 48 for a few days...
  6. A

    Lager hit 1.007 - Is it too Late for Diacetyl Rest?

    This is my first attempt at making a lager. Brewed 11 days ago and was expecting 2 weeks of fermentation before doing the rest, checked the SG today and it's 1.007 (OG was 1.047). Tasted the sample, dry, thin body with a hint of sulphur taste.
  7. G

    Dry hopping and diacetyl rest

    Hi guys ! I've read a LOT of paradoxal things about dry hopping in terms of temperature and timings, and I'm still unclear of how is the best way to do it, so I'm asking you guys. What I though I would do is put the dry hops when fermentation is almost over (0.004 before FG), and leave it for...
  8. TNJake

    AHS Shiner Bock clone - WLP 833 stalled ferm?

    I brewed this clone according to this recipe with an OG of 1.047. I cooled my wort to about 75 degrees when I aerated using shake/ swirl method. I did added a single pack of WLP833 and I regrettably did not use a starter. The recipe didn't say anything about it (I should have know better). 12...
  9. R

    Lager and Diacetyl rest

    I have done a lot of search on these forums and google and have a much better understanding of lagering/diacetyl rests. But the one thing I couldn’t find is, when should I start checking gravity of my beer? I don’t want to take a sample every day as I feel that’s a waste. My goal is to get to...
  10. bradleypariah

    Fight diacetyl w/out raising temp

    I'm new to lager, and my basement is a cool 55° F. Horror stories about cold fermentation are making me worry about diacetyl. I have electric heated blankets and an electric heating pad, but no InkBird or anything like that, so I'm afraid of making my lager too hot if I just let it go all day...
  11. FenoMeno

    Too late to start a rest?

    I started fermentation ten days ago and hit FG after day four. In the past I did a diacetyl rest After secondary. Now I'm researching a bit more and see many guys are starting the rest from 50-80% of expected FG. As I've already hit terminal five days ago, is it still worth bringing up for...