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  1. beervoid

    Difference between HIGH mash + dextrose vs LOW mash

    If I brew the same beer with same ABV and FG. But I mash one very high and then add some dextrose to bring it down to the same FG and ABV vs just mashing lower. Would there be a difference cause of the higher amounts of dextrins or would this be obsolete as the beer is dried out by use of dextrose?
  2. Lele

    Belgian tripel sugar quesiton

    Hello and greetings from Italy :) And sorry for my English :( Until recently we were told that table sugar gives cider flavor to the beer. But then in “Brew like a monk” there’s written that it isn’t true. But in some experiment, somebody noticed that, specially with some yeast (such us...
  3. Sergiy

    Dextrose sludge in bottle

    Hi all, i have bottled my first brew 1.5 week ago. Before bottling, i added dextrose to the bottom of each bottle, and now i can see a sludge at the bottom. Is this because i need to wait more, or because i added to much dextrose (5g on 0.5 L) with a low gravity (OG1.043 to FG1.004). Or i do i...