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  1. J

    Boiling Mash Post Conversion to Mimic Decoction Maillard Reactions

    Hi All. I've searched the forums and havent seemed to find quite the topic I'm referring to here so I was curious. Has anyone ever tried boiling the mash after a sacch rest to attain some of the caramelization type flavors achieved in a decoction mash? This is assuming you've held for the full...
  2. X

    HERMS, Decoction...and Rice Hulls

    I bought a Blichmann ProPilot 10 gallon electric HERMS system last summer and have been working my way through many of my favorite recipes since then. Big adjustments on the efficiency calculations, but had that down after two brews. I'm about to brew a Trappist Single recipe on it for the first...
  3. P

    What should I do? is my malt dead?

    So I've been malting my organic animal feed barley for about 5 days now and it seems to have stopped growing. I soaked it the 1st day for about 8 hrs then waited about 16 hrs and soaked it again for another 8 hrs and then waited 16 hrs and on the 3rd day I soaked for about 5 hrs.. but it seems...
  4. J

    First All Grain Attempt... at a Pilsner

    Soooo I might have set my sights a little too high for my first attempt. I have a lot of the information I need to make a gracious (yet probably a fail) attempt at a decoction mash. One thing I’m having a problem with is amount of strike water and sparge water I need. Anyone have any advice or...
  5. micraftbeer

    Attempting Decoction Mash in Electric System

    I currently have a 2V set-up, where one kettle is a basic mash tun and I use a 2000W/120V Blichmann RIMS Rocket to control mash temperature steps, and the other kettle is my boil kettle and I have a 2250W/120V fold-back TC element in the kettle for boiling. I've been curious to try a decoction...
  6. Lilum

    Batch Sparge Mash vs. Triple Decoction?

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and new to homebrewing. Lemme give a little backstory first. Until 3 months ago, I was living in Germany as an au pair, which gave me an opportunity to try many different incredible beers. During my stay, my all time favorite was by far the Füchschen Alt, or Altbier...
  7. Gregory T

    Direct fire, decoction, and boil additions

    Things that make me go hmmm. My last BIAB was a 4 step mash Saison, I raised temp by adding boiling water through a calculator. Clearly direct firing a mash tun will have the potential to scorch sugars. Wouldn’t boiling water or especially decoction basically shut down conversion for whatever...
  8. cactusgarrett

    Low Temp Dough-In for Decoction Mashing

    I have a process related question that I would like the community's buy-in on. It's not so much the decoction process itself, but more the idea of a low-temp dough-in step for mashes that involve a decoction. In trying to take my german lagers to the next step, I've recently been employing a...
  9. H

    Rye Wine Decoction and Partigyle Brew Day

    So last weekend, I had planned for a big brew day with ~25lbs of grain, close to 50% rye malt. In order to not worry much about a stuck mash, I planned for a BIAB in my 9 gallon kettle. Worst case, I would use ~1qt/lb for my mash thickness. First thing to go wrong was as I was filling my...
  10. Ouroboros

    Questions on a hefeweizen recipe

    Any input on this recipe would be appreciated! Hefeweizens are tasty summer beers and a good chance for me to try out decoction mashing. I'm assuming 60% efficiency in the mash. This is only my second all-grain, and 60% was my extraction efficiency the first time around. If the decoction...