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  1. gorlox18

    Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday Deals Thread

    I’m (self-interestedly) starting a Black Friday and cyber Monday deals thread. It’s been kind of slow in this forum lately, and I know I can’t be the only one to love a good deal.
  2. Mateo123

    Cyber Monday/ keg

    Hello all. Hoping someone can help me find a 5 gallon ball and lock keg for a decent price. It’s cyber Monday so I’m hoping to get a steal. Post any websites or places to look at! Thank you and I hope this helps others! Can’t wait to start kegging
  3. KegconnectionLLC

    Black Friday BLOWOUT @ Kegconnection + $100 Gift Card Giveaway

    Hey there, home brewers! It's our favorite time of the year (mainly for the delicious food we just consumed today) because it's that time when we offer some of the best deals ever on homebrewing gear, recipe kits, equipment, and so much more. This year, we're extremely proud to present our...
  4. KegconnectionLLC

    Kegconnection's Cyber Monday Specials + HBT Giveaway!

    Howdy, Homebrewer! It's our annual Cyber Monday extravaganza and we're so proud of the deals we have to offer you this year. Below, you'll see the clickable banners but feel free to ask me any questions here and I'll be happy to help. The deals are live RIGHT NOW so happy shopping! For this...
  5. HomebrewSupply

    Homebrewing Holiday Deals @, this weekend only

    Hey there, homebrewers! We're excited to share with you our annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend of blowout deals. You can check out the master list of deals at" or see the individual listings below. We'll also be doing various flash sales...
  6. blasterooni

    Oakland, ca Hansens apple juice 1.99 1/2gal

    Grocery outlet in oakland, California (the one on broadway and 29th, other locations might have it as well) has 1/2 gallons of apple juice for $1.99 ($4.00 a gallon). Pretty damn good for a quick batch of cider. Only ascorbic acid, no other preservatives. This deal has been pretty constant over...