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  1. M

    Liquid Yeast shipped HOT

    Hello All, I am just getting back into brewing after 5 years or so. After taking up beekeeping several years ago I decided to have a go at some Mead and ordered WLP720 from Norther Brewer. They packaged it well enough but its up in the triple digits here in Texas and my yeast showed up hot to...
  2. L

    Bad yeast

    I brewed a batch of hefeweizen 2 days ago. I used Wyeast 3068 with the smack pack inside. I popped the pouch inside and let it sit at about 72 or so degrees for about 5 hours before I pitched it. The package said to let it sit for at least 3 hours at that temp to where I should start to see it...
  3. Pappa_Bjorn

    [First timer] URGENT! Possible to resuscitate first (and failed) cider?

    On the 25th of september I pitched a split apple cider batch. Neither carboy started. Tragedy struck when I had to abandon my cider-babies due to work. Yesterday, oct 11th, 16 days later, I open one carboy that's been sitting under airlock at 20C/68F - no CO2 having replaced the air mind you -...