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  1. P

    Dry hopping techniques (Noob question)

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the noob question I was wondering about double dry hopping in a NEIPA Here's what I was gonna do. 1st dry hop at high Krausen (3-4 days into fermentation) 2nd dry hop about 5-7 days later for about 5 days before bottling/keg Im using hop pellets. Should I just dump...
  2. ChaosB

    DDH during active fermentation

    Recipe I'm brewing calls for two dry hops, one for 6 days and one for 3 days. I'd like to do the first one during active fermentation. I believe fermentation is starting to slow down. This is day 4 since pitching some Conan. I started at 63 F and raised it to 68 F last night at the end of day 3...
  3. delcosansgluten

    How to adjust my water profile for NEIPA brew

    Hi All, Next weekend I am trying my first NEIPA brew, it'll be GF as I have Celiac, not sure if this will matter for my question. I just got my water profile results back from Wards. Here is the results. (all values are PPM) Sodium, Na - 35 Potassium, K - 3 Calcium, Ca - 37 Magnesium...