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  1. M

    Dandelion Highs

    Hello all! Hoping to nip this in the bud from some that may have more experience than me on the subject so here it goes. Back in march of this year I started a 1g primary ferment following Jack Kellers recipe for dandelion wine using the ol work horse yeast Lavlin EC-1118. I racked it in a 1...
  2. J

    Where to buy Dandelions?

    Where can I buy dandelions? I've only found one vendor who is CRAZY expensive. are there any reasonably priced vendors? Looking to buy Dandelion blossoms/flowers
  3. Blauvelt

    Dandelion Unhopped Ale

    has anyone brewed a beer with just dandelions for preservative/ bittering herb? I was looking at making a nice light beer from the last running's of an all Maris Otter malt barley wine. I also wanted to only use dandelions as the only herb but I have no idea if they will give a tasty bitter...