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  1. B

    Danby Drain Removal

    Has anyone removed the little drain fitting from their Danby to fit a CO2 line so that they can run their CO2 from outside the kegerator? It looks like it may be glued in their, and it may have a rubber piece that waterproofs it. I didn't want to hack away at it without asking. Thanks
  2. E

    California Danby Kegerator Like New

    Greetings fellow Brew Dogs thank you for taking a quick look Available for pick up and inspection within the East Bay, Ca. Type: Freestanding Kegerator Construction: Spotless-Steel Cabinet Color: Black Taps: 1 Keg Size: Full CO2 Tank Included: Yes Refrigerant: Environmentally Friendly...
  3. mattxander12

    Danby DAR044A8BBSL Wiring

    This is an informational post. A year or so ago, I purchased this mini-fridge from Costco for a fermentation chamber. It did well in keeping things in a relatively-right range for that need. However, I found a need to turn it back into its original intention of keeping things cold. Cranked to...
  4. B

    Danby Kegerator Regulator

    I bought a Danby kegerator and started using it about 6 months ago. This is my first kegerator but honestly I really don’t think the regulator has ever worked. Tonight I put my refilled co2 tank on the kegerator and for some reason the regulator spikes up to full pressure and then the regulator...