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  1. William Wallace

    Is my cyser contaminated?

    Hello everyone, im new at home brewing and have tried my hand at cyser. I used 3lb of orange blossom honey, 1.5 liters of Treetop apple juice, D47 Lavlin yeast, and some dry yeast nurients. I am 4 weeks into fermentation and noticed this film at the top of the brew. It was rather frothy in the...
  2. parks1031

    Cyser First Attempt

    Like the title says! Had a buddy buy some top notch cider from a farm in Maryland and found some orange blossom honey at a farmers market. Making a 1.5 gal batch with a starting gravity of 1.07 and used Lalvin 71b for the yeast. Going to use the TOSNA 2.0 calculator for nutrients (.9g of...
  3. Colin Anderson

    Calling from the tropics….

    I live on the island of Bali, Indonesia. As a Muslim majority, alcohol is NOT prohibited, it’s just very expensive 🤯 So, I make my own Cyser. I use Borneo jungle honey and apple juice. Champagne yeast for fermentation which averages out at 20 days. The finished product has tones of Vermouth and...
  4. Cyser  Söze

    Cyser Söze

    Cherry Apple Mead siphoned from primary to secondary fermenting bottle for the next two to three weeks, depending on how it looks. Will post a picture of the final result
  5. B

    Apple cider / wine mix

    Currently making a sort of unique recipe. A wonderful park nearby has a public orchard, and whenever I go I take some apples home with me, and I've been putting them in the freezer not knowing what to do with them. With around 10 pounds of apples (and an apricot somehow) I decided that enough...
  6. Nyxsmead

    48 hours and no bubbling! :(

    It has been two days and not a single bubble from the airlock. I’m using a carboy and the rubber cork/airlock is definitely on correctly, I didn’t put too much water in the airlock either. This is my first batch ever so please bare with me /.\ I aimed to make a 1gallon batch of cyser. I used 1...
  7. R

    Apple juice in Mead

    Hi, I'm Pedro and I wanted to start making Cyser. I spent hours searching and i could not find how much apple juice or water i have to put per kilogram (1 kilogram = 2 pounds) of honey. Can anyone help me? I'm new to all of this so i don't know very much of brewing. And one more thing, i saw...
  8. S

    Mead on apple base recipe question?

    Good morning guys. I bought 365 Whole foods brand apple juice, 2 gallons. I have 5 lbs of honey. So i guess it will be 2.5 lbs of honey/gallon? + apple juice. I will have hydrometer by then. I would like to make mead from that base. Any good mead/cyser recipe you can recommend for me? I also...
  9. Aróchito

    First Cyser

    Greetings! My first gallon batch of cyser has been fermenting for the last 5 weeks + . Just checked on it and noticed it's all clear, and I noticed a bubble out of the airlock but there doesn't seem to be much going on inside. I've attatched a couple of pictures. Two questions: 1) Is it possible...
  10. R

    Anyone ever brewed with Dragonfruit?

    We picked up a Dragonfruit today to just try it and the thing has a very mild, floral flavor. Anyone have any experience with this fruit in primary or secondary, particularly in cyser or mead?
  11. Aróchito

    First try at a cyser

    Just over a week ago, I added 2 lbs of honey to just under a gallon of apple juice, shook it up a ton and added nutrient and a packet of champagne yeast. Been bubbling out of control most of the time and has finally calmed down a bit. I just noticed the bottom of the carboy and about an inch of...
  12. R

    Off flavors?? Or just needing age?

    I recently brewed a cyser and it's down to 1.01 almost ready to bottle. Took a sample for gravity reading and tasted but it was pretty good but a bit sour tasting. Is this because it hasn't been clarified yet? Also, should I let it ferment for a bit longer before cold crashing and bottling? Can...
  13. R

    Gravity reading help please!

    So I started a cider recently but decided I would do it with honey as well. I took a gravity reading and thought it was low at 1.07 considering I'm aiming for at least 13% ABV so I added two cups of brown sugar to try to raise it (no hate please I'm new to this). I then realised that I didn't...
  14. S

    Meadmakers Corner: Brewing A Cyser

    One of the great things about being a homebrewer is being able to use what’s in season where you are, and being able to get it into your brew at the peak of freshness. As summer has slipped away from us, we are now welcoming the fall. Hay rides, harvests, and of course apples? Apples you might...
  15. O

    Oak leaf cyser???

    Hey all, I'm a new brewer. I made my first batches 3 weeks ago (A Traditional, A Metheglin and a blood orange JOAM) and they're still bubblin' away and looking bootiful. I'm going to make some more after payday next week. I'm going to do a cyser and an Oak leaf and a couple of others but my...
  16. R

    Newbie question on cyser

    We made our first cyser in October using just apple juice, red star champagne yeast and honey. The honey we used was wildflower and a sage, alfalfa and sunflower mix. We racked it for secondary last weekend and it seems to have stopped fermenting. When we racked it, it smelled okay, just...
  17. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Low vs High alc tollerant yeast?

    Dear all, Sorry, newbie here. I slowly planning out to make a melomel/cyser that I want to make sweet and sparkly. I am thinking about something Safale US-05 or Lalvin 71B, as opposed to Tokay that I usually use (or Jack Mangrove M02) and aiming at 10-12% abv. Now, I know that I will have to...
  18. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Sweet and Sparkly Melomel - advice needed

    Dear all, I want to make a sweetish melomel that is sparkly and not too strong (i.e. not 18%). I obviously cannot really on any backsweetening here. Now there seems to be a couple ways to go about this. One is to add less honey to the mix, use yeast with high alcohol tolerance, bottle it of...
  19. B

    Will this stuff float down?

    I have this gallon of cyser that’s been fermenting for two weeks. The bubbling out of the airlock has crawled to almost a standstill. How long will It be until this stuff sinks down, generally speaking? Or will it float to the bottom?
  20. B

    Infection on Cyser?

    As the title suggests, I’m on day 4 of my first ever brew, so I decided to do a simple mead and cyser. So far the mead looks aces, but I’m worried by the cyser. I had to replace the airlock after two days, then resort to a blow off tube the day after due to extreme foaming issues. I’m worried it...