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  1. whatstyleguidelines

    Trying to come up with a recipe to showcase a unique ingredient (Murphy and Rude Crystal 260)

    A local maltster in my state ( is producing a special-release malt that is supposed to be 260L crystal malt (pale chocolate malt territory). They describe it as follows: I'm curious to hear what people would do with something like this. Based on...
  2. C

    Replacing crystal malt with candi sugar

    Hi, Is it possible to replace the crystal malt with candi sugar on british style? Like a bitter. I suppose the candi would give you a thinner body, but that could get compensated with a higher temp mash. Would the flavor be any similar? Has anyone done this?
  3. M

    What should I do with lots of Crystal Malt

    Ok, at the beginning of the pandemic, I purchased a grain mill, and a few 50# sacks of grains. Base grain in 50# sacks - great idea!. (I've used 2 during the last 18 months). 50# sacks of Crystal - well that wasn't such a good idea - especially with the styles I tend to brew. I've perhaps...
  4. H

    Hello, Maltster from Alberta Here to Help

    I was quite surprised to find a fair amount of misleading information on malt and malt production. Figured I would hop on and chime in where ever I can. If you guys have questions on malt production, I would like to offer my expertise and provide you home maltsters with the information that you...