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  1. H

    Kveik NEIPA w/ Cryo Dry Hopping

    Brewed a NEIPA on Memorial Day using a kveik blend from Imperial yeast. Process and recipe below. I'll be posting results in the coming weeks as well Grist: Pale ale 9.5# Chit 2.5# F. Oats 2.25# Acid 0.25# Rice hulls added to mash Mashed @ 150 Hops (full leaf): Columbus 0.5 oz - 30 mins...
  2. 6thGoal

    When to cryo hop?

    First brew session was successful, a nice American pale ale, about 5% ABV, light and easy drinking. Just purchased the ingredients for my next batch, an IPA with 0.5 oz Magnum for bittering and 2 oz. of Mosaic for flavoring, aroma and dry hopping. A friend suggested adding 1 oz. Mosaic cryo...