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  1. Apimyces

    Malolactic fermentation and acids

    Hi, I'm looking into experimenting further with malolactic bacteria (Oenococcus oeni, mostly). It's often reduced to "turns tart malic acid into a more mellow lactic acid", but these little buggers do so, so much more. More example, We tried them in mead, made with nothing but honey and pollen...
  2. V

    Cranberry Cider Fermentation

    So I have done a few hard apple ciders which came out well so I figured I'd give cranberry cider a go. Typically my apple cider is down in the 1.003 - to 1.006 range by day two of fermenting under pressure. Right now my spunding valve is showing the same amount of activity / pressure I expect...
  3. FalmouthBrewmeister

    Cranberry Chocolate Stout - Extract 5 gal.

    5 Gallon Batch "South Shore Stout" FULL BOIL is BEST if you can make it - 3 Gallon boil will suffice grains: 1# Simpsons Roasted Barley 1# Chocolate Malt extracts: 6# Golden LME (May sub 'Light LME' - unsure on flavor change though) hops: 2 oz. Cluster pellets (60 min)...