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  1. M

    TiltPI and CraftbeerBI3 in the same raspberrypi

    Hi Guys, Hope you're all fine. I am noob in raspberry. However, I already could setup a craftbeerpi and/or Tiltpi in my raspberry (3+) independently. What I am trying to do is to run both (craftbeer and tilt) in the same raspberry. Any of you did this? Here what I got so far, please let me...
  2. potseeslc

    Homebrewing DIY Podcast - CraftBeerPi with the creator Manuel Fritsch

    Today I talked to Manuel Fritsch the maker of the CraftBeerPi brewing automation software for the Raspberry Pi. If you have been curious check out this episode and subscribe.
  3. joeybeer

    Building a 240v 5500w Craftbeerpi Single Heating Vessel System (EBIAB?)

    Hi all, I've been thinking about this build for what seems like 10 years ! Long enough, that my dreams of PID control have been replaced by the amazing Craftbeerpi. We moved into a new house recently, and when I removed a cover plate off the wall behind my work bench, what should I find but a...
  4. B

    CraftBeerPi 3.0 - Electric Brewery

    Hi Guys I am building a HERMS brewery and using a Raspberry Pi with CarftbeerPi. I am ready to test the setup. When I set a target temperature and hit the car button the HLT element turns on, but when it reaches the target temp it does not turn off. I am a serious noob when it comes to this...
  5. Jessee

    Solenoid Valve Wiring

    Hello, I’m looking at adding several solenoid valves to my existing cbpi setup through a relay board. Another user of cbpi recommended a 5-wire valve, which from what I understand provides wiring for indicator lights. What if I bypassed the indicators could I use a 2 or 3 wire setup? I know...
  6. K

    CheapFather RIMS (DIY Grainfather inspired build) - CraftbeerPi, Hotplate, old fermenter, pot, pump

    Hi there, I have made my own DIY Grainfather RIMS build, and have put the info om my homepage, so in case someone wish to see it look at: One Image to share the idea! There is likely other similary build out there.....! Klaus
  7. jmgreen7

    Building an expandable electric system

    First off, i'll apologize for this question b/c i'm sure it's all been covered before. There's so information, and i'll be honest, i'm overwhelmed. I read up on, but it's way to big of a project (size and cost) than i can deal with right now. I've been on...
  8. K

    Outdoor glycol chiller and outdoor fermentation chambers cheap

    I have every little room so I am forced to use the outside, if turned part of my side hard into my brew area as I have my rig moderator and brewing storage (Rubbermaid totes with a outdoor furniture cover). I have been brewing for awhile my problem is my fermentation chamber is an my kegerator i...
  9. A

    New CraftBeerPi Build - Need some advice.

    Hello HBT, I am waiting on a few parts still but am working on my CBP build. This is a 240v, 30 Amp build with a pump and 5500w element. This is a rough drawing and planning to add some more details as i go. Here is my current layout, however, i have a few questions/Thoughts. WiringDiagram...
  10. rkhanso

    Finally (almost) complete BIAB Craftbeerpi system - testing

    I just need to get a 12v DC jack and plug mounted in the 6"x6"x4" controller box to power the Raspberry Pi - but I'm doing a PID Tune right now. I went pretty simple. Using my phone or a PC to control via the http interface. I power the 240v and 12v separately. Have a 12v brown solar pump on...