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  1. S

    Jordanian Brewer

    Hello everyone! I'm Ayham, A Jordanian brewer that developed his passion and worked on my knowledge and skills in Jordan. Say what! but yep, proudly introducing craftbeer to Jordanian people through different styles of beer to create a beer culture. here on this form to connect with other...
  2. R

    2015 - The Best Year Ever for Craft Beer?

    2015 is here and things couldn't look any brighter for the craft beer industry this year. The big names in beer continue to lose ground to craft beer as craft beer sales increased again going into 2015. Craft beer sales, showed an increase of 17.2% or 15 million barrels over the past year due...
  3. Hurdzanbrew

    New homebrew channel hurdzanbrew!!

    Hurdzanbrew has launched on YouTube and we are thrilled to release the first video, a step by step gose brew day!! Elements of comedy and brewing together at last!! Please check it out, like it, share it, tell a friend, re watch and laugh and hopefully learn something. Check us out on instagram...
  4. mr_stout

    The Price of Craft Beer

    I one time bought a 12 ounce bottle of beer for $2 dollars US and another 12 ounce bottle for $6 US. My question is why didn't the $6 dollar bottle of beer taste 3x better????? Sad to say that the $2 dollar bottle of beer tasted better. I have seen 12 ounce bottles selling for $12 dollars but...
  5. R

    We have launched our Kickstarter campaign for our beer!

    Hello everyone, This is Zeki, I and my wife have launched our Kickstarter campaign for our first batch. It is a delicious Turkish coffee and Chocolate beer. We are trying to get craft beer culture to Turkish community in London. And hope this will encourage other Turkish beers to come forward...