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  1. jcwacky

    Crab apple cider stopped at 1.014? (Newbie)

    I recently decided to try and make some cider with crab apples from a tree in my garden. I've never attempted anything like this before! OG was 1.070 I've had 3 litres fermenting away (using "double snake cider yeast"), at approx 20ºC. After 35 days the SG was 1.015 I left it another 14 days...
  2. F

    Crabby cider not fermenting

    Ok. I started 4 batches of crabapple cider. #1 fresh picked/juiced with in 24 hours. 100% crabby #2 juiced about 4 days after picking. 100% crabby #3 & #4 were 50% crabby (combo of both harvestings) and 50% store bought juice for mixed flavor batches (one cranberry, one pomegranate) Not my...
  3. Saunassa

    Crab apple jelly wine

    My wife made 8 batches of jelly this year but one batch did not turn out well due to using a new pectin. So since it did not jell and ended up like heavy syrup she was going to chuck that batch. I look at it and think hey, I have a packet of cote de blanc in the fridge, so i took 8 pints and...
  4. Saunassa

    Fermentation of first cider

    I mixed a pint of fresh cooked crab apple juice with two gallons of Apple cider. I added a little sugars to bump gravity to 1.050 I split and put SafCider in one jug and Nottingham in the other. I am really curious how the flavors will compare.