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  1. 10ACbrew

    Counterflow Chiller Questions

    Hi, I recently switched to a counterflow chiller from IC. I use a March pump located on the bottom of my brew stand which goes to the CFC which is positioned on the stand with wort out at same level as Whirlpool port on kettle. So, the cycle is Kettle to Pump to CFC back to Whirlpool arm of...
  2. D

    Georgia Copper Counter Flow Chiller

    Copper Counter Flow Chiller Parting out system. Everything for sale. Make Offer. Text to 4044028836 Dave Standard Copper counter flow chiller. - 5/8" Hose fitting on water side - 1/2" NPT fitting on wort side $150 + Shipped lower 48 Dave
  3. jkmcd3

    Texas Brewstand / Kettles / Fermenters / Chiller

    I recently bought a Unibrau system. Looking to sell my gravity fed brew stand, with 10" Banjo Burners and a high-pressure regulator and my BK, MLT, and HTL. The kettles were converted from Kegs and have Blichmann thermometer, 3-piece SS ball valve w/dip tube, site glass and a thermowell. The MLT...
  4. B

    Optimize Flow through Counterflow Chiller

    I am converting my old gravity-fed CFC to be used with a pump and a whirlpool arm. I plan on using the SpinCycle whirlpool arm, which requires a 1/2" NPT male connection. I plan on just using camlock fittings, and I will use 1/2" ID silicon tubing on the input end of my chiller, but I have...
  5. H

    Plate-Chiller Revival: Remove severe mineral deposits

    Hey all, My father-in-law just replaced the hot water plate heat-exchanger in his house due to hot water issues. Luckley for me it turned out the old one wasn't an issue so I grabbed it to use as a plate chiller. I think once it's cleaned up it will work great BUT it has some pretty heavy...
  6. fr5ed

    Florida (2) Wort Chillers - counterflow and immersion

    Two chillers being sold together. - Exchilerator Maxx counterflow chiller - NY Brew Supply stainless immersion chiller In central Florida the groundwater can be 80 degrees or more in the summer. I run garden hose water through the stainless immersion chiller till the wort is 120 degrees F...