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  1. D

    Georgia Copper Counter Flow Chiller

    Copper Counter Flow Chiller Parting out system. Everything for sale. Make Offer. Text to 4044028836 Dave Standard Copper counter flow chiller. - 5/8" Hose fitting on water side - 1/2" NPT fitting on wort side $150 + Shipped lower 48 Dave
  2. jkmcd3

    Texas Brewstand / Kettles / Fermenters / Chiller

    I recently bought a Unibrau system. Looking to sell my gravity fed brew stand, with 10" Banjo Burners and a high-pressure regulator and my BK, MLT, and HTL. The kettles were converted from Kegs and have Blichmann thermometer, 3-piece SS ball valve w/dip tube, site glass and a thermowell. The MLT...
  3. B

    Optimize Flow through Counterflow Chiller

    I am converting my old gravity-fed CFC to be used with a pump and a whirlpool arm. I plan on using the SpinCycle whirlpool arm, which requires a 1/2" NPT male connection. I plan on just using camlock fittings, and I will use 1/2" ID silicon tubing on the input end of my chiller, but I have...
  4. H

    Plate-Chiller Revival: Remove severe mineral deposits

    Hey all, My father-in-law just replaced the hot water plate heat-exchanger in his house due to hot water issues. Luckley for me it turned out the old one wasn't an issue so I grabbed it to use as a plate chiller. I think once it's cleaned up it will work great BUT it has some pretty heavy...
  5. fr5ed

    Florida (2) Wort Chillers - counterflow and immersion

    Two chillers being sold together. - Exchilerator Maxx counterflow chiller - NY Brew Supply stainless immersion chiller In central Florida the groundwater can be 80 degrees or more in the summer. I run garden hose water through the stainless immersion chiller till the wort is 120 degrees F...