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  1. ivangrajales

    Building Kegerator for my New Restaurant Bar

    Hi Everyone! First of all thanks for taking your time to reply to my question. Here it goes: I’m opening in a couple of months a bar/restaurant and I will like to have a kegerator. But I will like to built it my self. Therefore, I want to know what’s the recommended size for a business and...
  2. BrewersJourney

    Economics of Homebrewing

    I’ve been tracking my brewing costs ever since starting this awesome hobby and decided to compile a post to show off what the numbers look like (so far). I half-jokingly said the point of doing this was to see if homebrewing was actually less expensive (tl:dr - it certainly can be, but a lot is...
  3. oneawesomeguy

    Cheap and Good Beer Recipes

    Share your recipes for really cheap beer you have made that came out pretty good. Include ingredients and process, approx. cost, and your rating (out of 50).
  4. StarCityBrewMaster

    Cost vs. Labor - Before I do anything!

    I'm trying to search the forum but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I would like to brew my own beer, personally I favor something like a Newcastle nut brown ale. I am curious what it would cost for me to do a typical brew like this and how much beer it would produce. I can buy a...