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  1. BrewersJourney

    I attempted to Homebrew a Corona Extra Clone and well...

    Link to Homebrewing a Corona Extra Clone A while back I set out to make a Corona Extra clone and I ended up with something that was a bit different, way more alcoholic and also still somewhat decent!
  2. dukes909

    Corona to another mill for BIAB - worth it or not?

    (background info) I had to take apart my 20 year old Corona to thread a new hole in the wormscrew part that the handle attaches to. The original bolt that held the handle on sheared off. I used a tap to thread for a 7/16" grade 8 bolt. Worked great, but now had to disassemble everything to...
  3. DesertPunk1981

    New to Forums: Looking for a few recipes

    I'm sorry if these have been posted elsewhere, I will be looking out for them, but if you have the Extract Recipes for the following, would you please paste them below. Thanks!:rockin: Oskar Blues: Old Chub Dos Equis: XX Amber Corona "Some sort of Almond Vanilla Porter" Thanks guys...